Welcome to Friends of Prescott Public Library

Our mission is to enhance the library through fundraising, advocacy, and volunteerism

Each year the library staff provides the Board of the Friends with a funding request.  These funds are used to cover costs of programs, supplies and other support, but not for staff salaries and benefits; those costs remain the responsibility of the City.  Through your donations alone, Friends of the Prescott Public Library has raised over $225,510 for the library over the last two years.

We Need Your Support

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Our Impact

There are Friends of the library and then there are the Friends.  The Friends were organized to help a good library become even better. Since its founding in 1968, the Friends of the Prescott Public Library have raised enough money to enhance Prescott’s Living Room.  The Friends also accept and administer funds given to the benefit of the library. Membership dues, donations of books and magazines and contributions and bequests turn into counteless library services and Friends of the Prescott Public Library programs.  It’s magic.

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Dollars Raised in the last 2 years
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Donations in the last 2 years
Books Sold
Book Sales (updated number coming soon!)

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events


Board of Directors

William Arnold, President

Barb Collins, Vice President

Mike Gulley, Secretary

Dawn Zintel, Treasurer 

Lindsay Glanzer

Rosie Hartner

Deb McCasland

Janet Steven

Shawn Tropia


Please contact Bill at williamarnol@gmail.com to join our team!